Parent - Child Devotions

Children learn the truth of God’s Word Sunday mornings, however learning His principles from their parents is incredibly powerful.

Placing tools in the hands of parents to help accomplish this task is our goal.

Our materials are printed and designed to be read by the child or parent – together.

Dig a little deeper

Need to take a deep dive in the Word but aren’t sure where to start and can’t take the time off to attend a Bible College?

We are working hard to produce online training that helps you, without the pressure or commitment of a formal school or college program.

Online discipleship studies are available to help you grow as you study the Word of God.

Coming Summer 2023!

I'm New!

Praise God for your decision to follow Him.

Every new believer asks the question – “Where do I start?” Our reply is… let’s simply keep going, and take a closer look at who Jesus is, what He did and what He is doing now.

Getting to know Jesus is not learning a new religion, it’s about getting to know the person who died for you!

We would love to help you get to know Him better!